Monday, July 27, 2009

sage eats brownies and pocket edward is a kilt lifter (come on, you knew that!)

so, instead of heading over to my old apartment (the one i shared with ex douchey douchebag) to collect the remainder of my books and dvds, i'm procrastinating and doing this instead. this is much more fun (and less sweaty, since it's about 110 degrees here in phoenix, and the air conditioning is turned off in the old apartment.)

highlights of the past week:

1. i've trained (*cough*twilightbrainwashed*cough*) my three year old so well that he routinely asks me throughout the day, "where is edward cullen?" "where is bella?" "can i play with them?" score one for twilight moms/team edward.

2. i finished my summer semester of school with all A's, and i'm relieved of academic duties until the fall semester starts. woo!

3. i've been reading "
wide awake". OH YES. the holy grail of twi fan fic sank its teeth into me and won't let go. and i love it.

4. sage gets so excited over starbuck's double chocolate chip brownies, that i nearly pee my pants every time i mention getting one. i think the kid loves these brownies more than me, his own mama. which just goes to show he is definitely my child. chocolate over family members ANY DAY. duh.

5. pocket edward made his debut at casey moore's on saturday night. it was an event, that's fo sho. he couldn't resist the fat tire bike (poster).

6. it's confirmed, pocket edward is a dirty little kilt lifter (which is just fine by me). evidence below.

7. my friends are probably the coolest people in the world. true story.

gorgeous giggly pants tara o. ordering us some dee-lish pizza to go with our booze!

and, since today was monday, here's my 6am monday morning face, 'cause it pretty much sums up how i felt ALL friggin' day:


- yoga ninja mama


erpeer said...

I wanna play with Edward Cullen also! Thanks for the laughs. Love you bunches!!! Squeeze Sage for me. ((HUGS))

Danielle-lee said...

Your son is drop-dead gorgeous! Ohhhh, he is gonna break hearts!!!
Also? Love your hair!! Wish I could pull off a kick-ass color like that!