Saturday, October 17, 2009

new kicks

hipster moms rejoice! i give you: sage's first pair of converse.

well, that's sort of a lie. his first pair were traditional chuck taylor hi tops. but that was awhile ago, and he was still in that "i'm a baby and i grow at the speed of light" phase, so he only got to wear them two or three times before they had to be retired to the box.

anyway, when i brought these bad boys home the other night, sage was beside himself with excitement. he loves them. and so do i. everyone wins.


"Miss Shoe Box" said...

Ugh! Look at tha bug! Love the kicks! And they're velcro *high five* Score! Kids feet do grow at the speed of light for sure.. I always felt guilty fitting kids in shoes...I tried to give them as much growing room as possible, but dang somtimes it just didn't matter! Weeds! Weeds, I tell ya!

Mox said...

He is a living doll!

Left of Lost said...

Gah, he is GORGEOUS! And the shoes are awesome!

yoga ninja mama said...

thank you, lovely girls :).