Saturday, October 31, 2009

OME! it's halloween!

first of all, i'd like to be the first to announce that it's HOODIE SEASON in phoenix. oh wait, scratch that. it WAS hoodie season. for about four days. today, however, it's 90 degrees again. *sigh*. i'm putting my hoodie season post on the shelf until the real hoodie season makes its grand entrance *glares at mother nature*. during the sprinkling of chilly fall days we had recently, sage and i did manage to take a trip to mother nature's farm and visit their pumpkin patch.

what? don't act like you're surprised that i gawked and took a picture of the sheep with the BIGGEST BALLS ON THE PLANET. you don't see this shit every day.

next item on the agenda: HALLOWEEN! gah! it's my favorite holiday, hands. down. unfortunately, i haven't had a ton of extra time on my hands this year to get into the halloween spirit. usually i go all out with halloween crafts, a spooky movie marathon, a well thought out costume, etc. but this year? nada. i can't say that i can check any of those halloween rituals off of my list this year *sigh* *kicks self*.

the one thing i DID manage to do? get my hands on some fuckhawt volturi contacts. ahh, my twilight obsession. it bleeds into every aspect of my life. and i wouldn't have it any other way ;). i also have fangs, which will be on display at the halloween party i'm attending tonight, but here are the contacts:

happy volturi vamp

i-will-fuck-you-up volturi vamp

little bug has been sick with a fever and general flu-esque symptoms since weds night, but he's bounced back a bit today and his fever seems to have broken for the most part. so thomas the tank engine will be out trick or treating tonight, i'm happy to say. it would break my heart if he were too sick to go, as he's really been looking forward to it. photos to come, natch ;). oh and if you're in the mood for some stellar halloween music (and how could you not be? HELLO! IT'S HALLOWEEN!), do yourself a favor and make your way over to the music savvy mom blog. you can thank me later!

oh, and i've already picked out my costume for next year:

vaginaaaaa! check out more awesome vagina costumes at wtfcostumes.

ok pretty bitches, i'm off to get vamped up whilst listening to some kickass halloween music. be safe and have fun, lovelies!


shannon said...

you are so stinkin' adorable! honestly. and your contacts!? get. out. of. town. oh *and* i am so super jealous of your 90 degrees. glad that your bug was able to get out and trick-or-treat! yay! *kicks flu symptoms in the face for him!* take that!

carissajaded said...

hahahah first off, WOWSA to that sheep.

Second. Badass contacts. I want some, now. For every day.

And third. OMFG to that vagina costume. I have never seen anything like that!

Anonymous said...


"Miss Shoe Box" said...

HEY ANON! YEAH, YOU! ABOVE! *BITCH SLAP!* Before you call someone a PIG, have the courage to show your face when you say it.... It's one thing to say that publicly, but a complete other to say it anonymously. So to you I say...

CUNT! Mind your own biz..


Mouf.Peace said...

im sorry but when miss shoe box called the anonymous commenter a cunt i just had to laugh cuz well DUH THERE'S A BIG ASS PICTURE OF A CUNT COSTUME ON UR POST lmao.

Mouf.Peace said...

ok i totally got sidetracked by the gi-normous cunt. god i hate that word it makes me shiver lol. i wanted to comment on those BIG ASS balls up there. good God! anyway, i also wanted to ask you if u designed ur own layout or if it was a template? there was no contact email button so im commenting here sorry!

Left of Lost said...

Really?! That's all this stupid fuck can say?? "Pig"??? Stupid.
Anyway, your bug is so damn cute! And omg, you scare me w/ those eyes!
The costume cracks me up!
Missing you....

yoga ninja mama said...

@shannon: you are a sweetheart. thank you for the kind words. and thanks for kicking the flu in the face for my lil bug :).

@carissajaded: i know, that's exactly what i said when i saw the sheep, "WOWSA!". then i got my camera out. it had to be documented. haha :).

@anonymous: *sigh*. that was SO not creative. tell ya what, give me your address, and i'll send you a copy of "creative cursing" for christmas. that way, you can actually put some effort into insulting me. 'cuz you're fucking boring. is it too much to ask that you at least be entertaining when attempting to offend me? p.s. pigs and i happen to have a lot in common. we both have ghetto booties and we both like to roll in mud. AND we both look stunning in the color pink. so, OINK OINK! :)

@miss shoe box: rofl! i love you, ash. CUNT! such a great word. you're my twinskie (but you already knew that).

@mouf.peace: "ok i totally got sidetracked by the gi-normous cunt" - i know, right? it's just like "BAM! in yo face!", which is why it's the perfect halloween costume! haha :). uhmmm you make a good point. i have no contact email listed. i will fix that ASAP. for the record though, my email is and, I WISH i designed this template, but alas, i did not. jessica (who is FUCKAWESOME) designed it. she runs her own little web design business over at she is reasonable with her prices and is incredibly talented. she took my ideas and ran with them, and what she came up with was beyond perfect. go check her stuff out and talk to her!

@left of lost: I KNOW. that's what i thought when i read anon's comment. "PIG? that's it?! am i supposed to be offended?!". haha! i miss you too, baby doll :). you are one of the kindest women i know. i smile big when i see a comment from you.

Mox said...

Holy fuck of all sheep's balls. I kinda feel bad for him in a National Geographic pendulous boobie kind of way.

The contacts? Loves.

The vagina, again, holy fuck I say you. Holy fuck.

katty said...

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