Thursday, August 27, 2009

but i bought you beautiful dresses/you pretty thing

one of my favorite pj harvey songs. whenever i hear it it's hard to resist stomping/spinning around in circles in some kind of freaky tribal dance. or having a seizure (to the beat, of course). perhaps this has something to do with my pure lust for the song, but there's something about putting on a new dress (or an old dress with which i have a fierce love affair) that makes me feel like i could probably kick chuck norris's ass. that's sayin' somethin.

i bought this one on a whim the other day, and i think i like it because it makes me feel like punky brewster. and because it reminds me of the twilight cast and all of the fucking plaid they ALL seem to be wearing lately. weird. secretly, i like to pretend it's made out of the same fabric that rpattz's favorite plaid shirt is made out of. not only the same fabric, but the same PIECE of fabric. ya know, like one of these sexy little beauties (thatidlovetoripoffofthatsexymanbody):

photo courtesy of

ok, clearly, it is not the same fabric. which is why god blessed me with insanity an explosive, creative imagination so i can dream up creepy rob fantasies and shit.

err. this post was supposed to be about dresses (damn you, ROB! you sexy british morsel! *licks computer screen*).

so back to the point.

here are a few lovely gems that i'm desperately hoping to get my grubby little hands on. SOMEDAY. ya know, when i have money. *snort*

bustling avenues dress from anthropologie

storm of shapes dress from anthropologie

walk-a-ways dress from anthropologie

cupcake dress from urban outfitters

sparrows tank dress from urban outfitters

le sigh. LE SIGH. lovely lovely dresses, no?

OH, i almost forgot. you know what goes perfectly with my punky brewster-ish/rob pattinson plaid dress? these fucking peace sign earrings that i snagged at francesca's. oh how i do love an appropriately placed peace sign (like the tattoo on my toe). and oh how i love these earrings!


Danielle-lee said...

There are some kick-ass dresses out there. I've been avoiding anthropologie for the past couple of months because I KNOW I will fall in love with things that I can't/shouldn't spend $ on. But I am in a shopping mood, so here's hoping I can sneak out of work tomorrow. :)
PS. You are gorgeous, my dear!

Mouf.Peace said...

peace sign earrings for ur tree hugger ass haha. but what i was REALLY looking at were those kick ass eyeglasses i luurrrve. and i don't get it. i've heard about the whole controversy over his speech but not the actual speech itself, but if he's telling kids to stay in school ... um since when was that BAD?

Miranda said...

you're probably going to hate me, but there's this website that i love, and they add awesome new stuff everyday.... i both love and hate it. it's you might've been to it because it's pretty popular. sigh. so many nice things.

Anonymous said...

Great Glasses and I remember being in love with Punky.

"Miss Shoe Box" said...

Um, Miranda (above---*WAVES* :) ) is sooooo RIGHT! Modcloth is the shiz... trufax. I am a fan of their FB page, shocking I know, but they have sold Poetic in the past so it's one of those I like to keep track of not to mention all of their amazing finds! They're story is pretty cute...and despite having similar looks to Anthropologie, they prices are not. Great for all!!