Tuesday, September 8, 2009

right wing parenting FAIL

"you brain-washing, democratic, scary black president, how dare you tell my sweet republican four-year-old to stay in school! my trust fund baby doesn't take orders from a DEMOCRAT!"

dear shanneen barron (mom #1): first of all, you have elf ears. you should cover that shit up on national television. i'm just sayin'. second of all, what? stop crying. DRAMA RAMA. how old are you? twelve? p.s. your husband totally laughed at you when you started crying. HAHA!

dear uptight j.crew tshirt mom (mom #2): you look tense. go smoke a blunt. your husband just looks mute. he's probably scared to talk. you should let him hit that blunt a few times.

in my humble (but very brazen) opinion, these women are a little trashy, very narrow-minded, extremely controlling, and dare i say, DRAMATIC.

i don't really fucking care who you voted for. in fact, let's just say, for the sake of remaining neutral in this post, that i didn't vote for obama OR mccain. i voted for jesus. and satan. because they're the only ones who can save us now. for reals.

the most disturbing aspect of this entire uproar from conservative right wing parents is that their very emotional political opposition to the president is posioning their children. god forbid you'd teach your child to process information and form an educated opinion of their OWN. oh no no, better to make them drink your kool aid (whatever flavor it happens to be). why stop at withholding your kid from school? how about you hoof it down to the library and burn all the books you don't like.

this comes down to your child's EDUCATION. this isn't about politics. i believe the intent of the president's speech was to encourage kids to stay in school and be upstanding citizens. i don't know, maybe there was a secret hypnosis session after the speech that i'm not privy to, where obama spoon fed his position on complicated political issues to the little tots. in that case, well, that's just creepy.

finally, you know what REALLY makes me want to punch these people in the throat? they are teaching their children how to hate and pass judgement without merit. they are furthering the disgusting, senseless political divide that separates the world and fuels wars and greed and other nasty things.



Anonymous said...

Oh, how I love you.

LobotoME said...

i just found your blog via a twilight blog and i just spent the last 30 minutes LMAO!!! your writing is awesome and hilarious! J :)

yoga ninja mama said...

@danielle: i love you more. no, srsly. SERIOUSLY. haha :)

@lobotoME: OME. i just bought the "bite me" notepad from your website last night! i can't wait to get it. i'm going to make out with it. i'll laminate it frist though so i don't ruin it with my slobber.