Tuesday, November 10, 2009

halloween recap (better late than never *shrug*)

ok, i know, i'm way late with this. i'm slow. besides, like most of my fellow mamas, i feel like i have exactly 15 spare minutes that are truly mine in the course of any given day. and those are the 15 minutes at the end of the day; you know, the 15 mins right before before my body just decides it's had enough of being awake and i collapse and start drooling wherever i happen to be. sexy visual, right?

anyway. halloween was a blasty blast. sage, despite having been sick since weds night, wasn't running a fever anymore and was stoked about trick-or-treating, so i took him out with our neighbors for about 40 minutes. he's not really into candy -- he THINKS he is, but he usually takes one bite of the candybar or whatever it is and then declares he doesn't want it. so, while he thought getting candy was pretty cool, the most exciting part of the event was ringing doorbells. this kid is a future "ding dong ditch" champion, mark my words. BRING IT.

halloween cupcake with a 50 ft blob of neon green icing. mmmm!

after thomas the train was safely snuggled in bed, yoga ninja mama (disguised as a vampire cabaret girl) went out to play with the big kids:

fun was had by all! a few highlights:

1. "tammy from the streets" snorting a red jello shot ("tammy from the streets" = extremely intoxicated guy dressed as a female whore).

2. the staged chain saw massacre, during which i was clutching onto a friend's shirt so tightly that i nearly strangled him.

3. the hippie and the samurai fighting (which resulted in the samurai sword landing in the pool and sinking to a lonely death)

hooray for halloween! *happy ninja dance*


Donna Hashish said...

OMG! that thomas the train costume is so flipping cute!

so regarding the chain saw bit...did some guy come in with a chain saw and threaten to kill? i'd be scared shitless too!

Left of Lost said...

He looks precious!
I've always wanted to have a Halloween party for the big kids. Would be great fun!
PS. You totally need to submit that pic to my other site b/c your boobies look faboosh!

shannon said...

your little bug is so darn cute! and look @ those fangs, girl! sounds like you had an awesome time...and THAT is always a good thing! XO!

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

Aww...baby ninja is precious in his costume :)

Although I was quickly distracted by the red-eyed cleavage of the vamparet dancer.