Thursday, December 3, 2009

public service announcement (from my vagina)

just kidding. my vagina can't talk. yet.

this is just a quick note to say: please excuse my extended absence; i am currently experiencing repeated ass rapings courtesy of "real life". (pssshhhh, real life. what a joke.)


this yoganinjamama promises to post your panties off this weekend with a new moon madness recap (fuckingFINALLY) and other goodies.

and also: I LOVE YOU. all of you. a lot. (even you, anonymous! you grumpy little wanker!)


mrs. buckster said...

love you back, mama! also, guess who might be going to see NEW MOON on saturday!? THIS GIRL! aren't you proud!? except holy crap am i a little late, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

well, thank you very much for your kind comment...But I am sorry to tell you that I am not grumpy.I am actually quite happy.My life is very content.I am married and have 4 great kids that bring me much joy.It seems to be the other way around.You seem to be unhappy and grumpy.I have read through your blog and your focus on life seems to be on yourself and not on your son.That is the reason that I left my first comment to you.I feel sorry for your son.That's it.Plain and simple.Your focus should be on him and Not quite so much on your twilight fantasies and other relationships gone wrong.Children shouldn't have to go through any of that.I just think you need to grow up and mature.These years go by very quickly and you may be filled with regret on how you have raised him.Good luck to you in the future.

Left of Lost said...

Hey anonymous-
Her blog doesn't have to be about her son. She doesn't have to talk about her son every fucking post to be a good mother. Nowhere on her blog does she have a syllabus saying 'i am a mommy blogger and i will talk about my kid non-stop.'
Seriously, you can be a well-rounded person, mature, happy, etc. AND be a parent. You can be a parent and a PERSON, and while you are one in the same, you CAN separate the two.
If you don't like her blog, back the fuck off, will ya?

"Miss Shoe Box" said...

Dear my favorite Ninja,

I love you so much... Be sure the day your va-jay-jay does decide to speak you get that on tape, because I can only imagine what brilliance will come from her! And maybe she will have something special to say to our dear friend Miss Anonymous... maybe not. But until she does... I do.

*coughs..clears throat*

Dear anonymous,

Just wanted to let you know that I am glad you have taken an interest in our beloved little ninja. The continued interest only tells me one thing.. you secretly have begun to love her in a way you did not expect and cannot help but grace us with your prescence every post now. Well, the ninja you are missing, the girl that we have all come to love dearly, is a very sweet, loving, AMAZING mother who has her own set of real life issues. You see, I met my 'twinskie', yoganinjamama, on Twitter. We became instant friends and soon found we were more like long lost twin sisters.. So over these past few months, she has taken part of my heart and me a part of hers.. that part that only really close friends could share. So please realize that as Left of Lost stated above, she doesn't have to talk about her son to be a good mother... she doesn't have to have a syllabus saying 'I am a mommy blogger and I will talk about my kid non-stop.' to be a good parent.. she doesn't owe that to YOU. Nope. But for you, because I love her like my sister, she would die for that little boy.. He has more love surrounding him than you could fathom. So please, do not pity him. No. Do not pity little Bug in the least. Because I've heard that giggle... and I've seen his little smile.. No. Do not pity him. ...Where are you hiding your 'mommy blog'? Maybe it's our turn to judge? Oh wait. No. We really wouldn't do that, because those are your children and it's really not anyones place to attack a persons character that they truly do not know anything about. Think about it. Thanks.

Love you Twinskie! *hugs n kisses*


Donna Hashish said...

Dear lovely yogamama,

I heart you and your little bug.

If this anonymous person really knew you aside from your blog posts, they would know how much you love your life, your son and every moment you have together. The internet is just that: the internet, and obviously they dont know you as a person, they only know you based off your posts. Thats like me having a livejournal, I talk about myself all the time. Its not meant to talk about my nephews, my family, how much I love life. Its a journal and that is what a blog is as well.

You are a great person, coworker, and ultimately a very good mommy. I have seen you be a mommy (and I dont mean on the internet) and if you were a bad one no one would be defending you. I think this anonymous person should stop focusing on how you "raise" little bug and focus more on their own children...

yoga ninja mama said...

clearly, i have the most beautiful friends a girl could ask for :). thank you for the kind words. i feel blessed to have you guys in my life. you make my spirit brighter :).

dear anonymous:

this goes without saying, but my love for my son spans lightyears, to the moon and back. he is happy, healthy, intelligent, vibrant, creative, and kind-hearted. he is the best person i know. all of that is a direct result of the way he has been brought up, and the beautiful people that surround him on a daily basis. i am blessed and so proud to be his mama.

but, as my lovely friends mentioned, just because my son is my reason for living and breathing, that doesn't mean i don't have a life outside of parenting, or that my blog needs to be about him. this isn't his blog, it's mine :).

do i have fun with my life? HELL YES. do i take time away from my son to go out and party with my friends? HELL YES. am i ashamed of having a LIFE outside of parenting? HELL NO. being a mom doesn't mean signing away your right to the personal pursuit of happiness. why should i stop growing, evolving, and experiencing life as an INDIVIDUAL just because i'm a mom? that's a mistake too many women make, and it's sad to see that happen.

your accusation that i need to "grow up and mature" is absurd. you must be delusional. i work full time at one of the best brokerage firms in the business, i support myself and my son financially, i attend school at night and maintain A's and B's in all of my classes, and i'm a DAMN good mother on top of all of that. if that's not "grown up and mature", i'm not sure what is. in fact, i'd say i've got a leg up on you when it comes to maturity, since i'm not the one here who is trolling the internet and leaving hateful, judgemental comments for other mothers.

the personal attacks you have launched REPEATEDLY on my blog are quite silly, and frankly, uncalled for. i think ash is right, you're secretly in love with this blog. i can't fathom any other reason why you would CONSISTENTLY visit my blog and leave comments. you must see something you like ;).

i respect your right to be whatever kind of woman you want to be, and whatever kind of mom you want to be. i only ask you to do the same for me. it's a simple concept: respect.

my recommendation to you, anonymous? spend less time judging and persecuting, and spend more time opening your heart and your mind. spend more time recognizing and appreciating the diversity that is present in the millions of women and moms in this world.

yoga ninja mama said...

@mrs.buckster: i want a full report, missy! i'm SO stoked that you are seeing it! MEEP!

Mox said...

I hope your hoo-ha does talk someday. Pearls of wisdom, no doubt.

Anon, you can't be THAT happy and content if you feel the need to judge a total stranger's life based on her FUNNY ASS blog. You are so jealous. And smug. And a douchebag. Yes, folks. You've seen it here...the first female douchebag. Congrats.

yoga ninja mama said...

*rolls on floor laughing and pointing at anonymous* mox called you a douche bag! you got schooooled! bwahahaha!