Sunday, November 22, 2009

post-new moon coma

i'm still recovering. i saw it twice. i moaned loudly during "the volvo scene" several times (sorry, robward does that to me.)

don't worry, i'll give you the play-by-play (complete with photos!) of my new moon premiere adventures soon (i know the suspense is killer); but for now, i leave you with this final photo of me from the opening night showing. i'll tell you later how i ended up in a fucking blanket.


Ashley said...

Your blog cracks me up.

Brand new follower.

Mox said...

Robward. LOVES it. Twolia is kicking me out on my ass, so come follow me @ my new digs! It won't be the same without you.

yoga ninja mama said...

@Ashley: HI! :::waves::: welcome, pretty little lady. i'm glad i make you giggle. THAT makes my heart do cartwheels ;).

@Mox: what the fuck do you mean twolia is kicking you out? i'm totally ready to cut a bitch if i need to > : |. wait, i changed my mind, i'm not mad. because blogger is the bees knees! mox, you are fab. i would follow you anywhere. (with the exception being if you decided to go to team jacob. i wouldn't follow you there. 'cause that's just gross. don't go there. bwahaha :).

Left of Lost said...

Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Are you wearing clothes under that blanket??? *snort*
And isn't it fucked up that mox is being booted? I don't understand!