Saturday, September 26, 2009

forced to live like it's a curfew / translation: it means i love you

sagebug and i are headed to macalpine's diner for lunch with the lovely miss tara o.

i have things to post, but i guess i'll have to find some time for that later (you know, like when i'm really busy avoiding my homework ;).

for now, this:

an uptempo version of "major label debut" by broken social scene. the video has some neat tour footage. this song makes my heart dance. literally. i can feel it fluttering around. and then my feet start moving, and my head starts bopping, and before i know it i'm out of my chair jumping around.

when i saw them at coachella in 2004, there was a beautiful marriage proposal on stage, and from thousands of people echoed a collective "awwww!". you know hipsters are suckers for that shit. anyway, this band makes me ecstatic. enjoy it (preferably in a loud fashion :).


Left of Lost said...

You avoid your homework too?

yoga ninja mama said...

in the WORST way. it's shameful.