Wednesday, September 23, 2009

one more reason to love conor oberst

aren't you glad you don't have to deal with me in public, like my poor friend dana? ;)

dearest conor oberst: please stop being such a cute boy genius and turning me on with your schmexy scrawny boy genius ways.

conor can't help but tempt me in naughty, delicious, torturous ways, which is obviously why he teamed up with fellow schmexy genius boys m. ward, jim james, and mike mogis to create the masterpiece of fan-fucking-tasticness that is this band:

monsters of folk (in all their sexy folk glory)

instead of doing my homework, or other productive things on my 'fucking do this shit, like yesterday' list, i'm eating ice cream and drooling over this lovely album, just released yesterday, for the sole purpose of tugging on my cold black hearstrings.

OH. did i mention that the gorgeous miss m and i have tickets for the monsters of folk show on october 21? *shit eating grin*. it should be noted here that there is no one on this beautiful planet that i'd rather see this show with. my skin tingles just thinking about it. *does cartwheels*

in twilight related news (because we all know that a large chunk of my world is consumed by all things twilight), the radiant screen writer goddess diablo cody made my evening with this little twitter gem:

dear ms. cody: *high five* awesome twat! (i really just like having an excuse to say TWAT).


Left said...

I used to use the word twat when i was a kid. As in, I called our very kind next door neighbor a twat. ouch. proud moment for my mother, let me tell you. :)

Donna Hashish said...

i see boobies

yoga ninja mama said...

@left: lmao. you called your neighbor a twat!? hahahaha. that's hilar! "this is my neighbor. she's very kind but she's def a twat!"

@donna: boobies? WHERE!? oh, mine? meh. i see those every day ;)