Saturday, September 26, 2009

sisterpants is finally legal, and we step out for lunch with the lovely tara o

sisterpants. i know, she's fucking cute.

my gorgeous baby sister (aka sisterpants) turned 18 on friday. that little fucker is finally legal. i can't believe it. seems like just yesterday i was picking her up by her hair (yeah, i really did that once), making fun of her for wearing a rugrats bra, and eating the walls off of her gingerbread house just to piss her off. *nostalgic sigh*

i'll have to wait until next paycheck to shower her with useless material things ('cause i'm broke, as per usual) but i plan on getting her a fascinations gift card ('cause she's finally old enough to go to a raunchy sex store) and a brightly colored, sparkly dildo. ya know, embarrass the shit out of her. i hope she opens it in front of a shitload of people *evil giggle*. she got a few free piercings at HTC yesterday (they have an ongoing special where they offer three free piercings on your 18th birthday). she also enjoyed some after hours birthday festivities last night, and when she woke up this morning, i got a text that said (verbatim): "lauren...i feel like i died and got hit by a bus". oops :)

sagebug and i had lunch with tara o. today. tara o. and i don't see each other enough these days since she bought a house in BFE (that's butt fucking egypt, FYI), so it was about damn time i saw her pretty face again. tara is a wonderful photographer, a lovely lady, a genuine friend, AND she makes some kickass vegan chocolate chip pancakes to boot (ask bug, he swears by them). you can check out tara o.'s photography here, and if you're in the phoenix area you should absolutely book a shoot with her. she is incredible.

before i depart for the evening (to read smutty twilight fanfic), i'd like to share with you a FAIL moment that i experienced friday morning. friday morning was a little intense. i awoke with a start at 6:00 am, which is when i usually LEAVE THE HOUSE for work (normally i'm up at 4:30 am). i scrambled through a shower and a cup of coffee (at the same time. i was definitely drinking the coffee WHILE showering) and made it out of the house at 6:40 am in clothing that was only semi wrinkled. i glanced in the rear view mirror when i hopped in the car and, HOLY SHIT, i was having a really great hair day! shocking. EXCITING. i decided i needed a photo of said great hair day to remind myself that i am capable of looking halfway decent somtimes. but, alas, instead i experienced a PHOTO FAIL. since i leave for work driving eastbound, the sun can sometimes be a bit of an issue:

fuck you, sun! life ruiner!

mmmk. off to read twi fanfic. currently reading: the boy with the red sweater (just started this one), emancipation proclamation, and clipped wings and inked armor.


"Miss Shoe Box" said...

Dude, you crack my shit up..seriously. I fucking love you were drinking coffe WHILE showering..You should try drinking a very cold beer while showering before going out..that's fabulous! ;)

As far as the TwiSmut goes..HAHA! It's my dirty little secret that keeps me entertained on the road.. :) and not to mention happy when my husband is being a dick.. but what woman doesn't have that excuse?! lol

Donna Hashish said...

aww your sister is cute!

i'mma have to talk to tim, we've been wanting to do pictures of just the two of us for a while now (we did do family pics and an impromptu couples pic at the picture people in 08) so we can hand them out to peeps...

if he agrees to it i'll be sure to contact this lovely tara o chick about pricing :)

Left of Lost said...

Happy birthday sisterpants!
And I love the bright sun picture. Cracks me up!