Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the collective "SQUEE!" heard 'round the world

yeah, do your ears hurt from all the SQUEEING? mine are still ringing.

oh, shit. maybe that's because i was going BANANA-SANDWICH-FUCKING-CRAZY in my room at exactly 4:43 pm this afternoon when my twitter twin, miss shoe box, informed me that THE ROBSTEN SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN! (ok, she didn't really say that. what she did was IM me a link and instruct me, no less than five times in ALL CAPS, to "LOOK NOW! LOOK NOW! GOOOOOO!").

so i clicked. and then i died. of sheer joy. from the robsten love documented in paris today. are you ready for this? ARE. YOU. READY...?

photo from x17online.com, where you can find a shitload more pictures of this event. a shitload more than you ever need to see. one is good enough, unless you're a twicum guzzling whore like me. but in case you want more. go there.

click the photo above for BIG (and i do mean BIG). and feel free to zoom. 'cause, like miss shoe box said, "that's all kinds of noodle hands!". NOODLE HANDS. LOVEY DOVEY NOODLE HANDS! that's what those are.

excuse me, robsten haters and robsten doubters, could you please form a line "to the left, to the left", and drink your haterade together? 'cause you suck. and this is PROOF! PROOF, BABY!

*happiest-ninja-ever dance*

and i'm totes blaming the #robsten explosion for breaking my uber twitter this evening. not that i'm complaining. just sayin'.




Left of Lost said...

You make me so silly face. I'm not into him, but I love to see people so happy about things. :)

"Miss Shoe Box" said...

Damn right, it's all kinds of NOODLE HANDS! ;) I can't believe you posted that!! *snickers* Wait. Yes, I can. I love you!

Mox said...

I don't have one fucking clue what any of this means. I am pulling myself back into my bubble right...now. OK, and why am I not following you yet? Thought I was. On my way to rectify that.

Donna Hashish said...
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Donna Hashish said...

i will drink my haterade and rain neon green sweat on your parade!


shannon said...

ok, i'll sheepishly admit to you that i'm not a twilight/robsten fan, but you're excitement over it makes me want to be one! does that make sense...? you're just so darn cute about it all!

yoga ninja mama said...

@left of lost: *squishy squishy hug* you always make me smile, ladybug!

@miss shoe box: my jaw started to drop after i read where you said, "i can't believe you posted that". but then you said, "wait. yes i can." HAHAHA :). NOODLE HANDS!

@Mox: you might consider yourself lucky that you don't know what any of it means. it's a twisted little twilight world. i love it, but it's twisted. just enjoy the pretty from the outside! ::hands you pretty pictures of rob pattinson and kristen stewart:: see? preeetyyy! UNLESS you wannt jump on the bandwagon. in which case, i will promptly mail you copies of all four twilight saga books, email you photos of rpattz porn, and point you to really steamy fanfiction. just say the word! haha :)

@donna hashish: ok, jz, you better be careful. i still have access to "the dungeon" at work. you may just come in one day and find your desk littered with gorgeous pictures of rob. and a neon green sign stuck to your computer monitor that says, "I LOVE TWILIGHT! EDWARD IS DREAMY!". yeah. i'll go there, biotch ;). (you know i love you. even if you tear down my twilight world every chance you get!)

@shannon: you don't have to sheepishly admit it! it's ok. we can still be friends. as long as you can put up with my drooling and ridiculous fangirl behavior. yes, i'm ridiculous and i know it. haha. i haven't been this obsessed with something since HANSON back in the 5th grade (yeah, i said HANSON). AND i totally know what you mean. whenever i see someone who's real passionate about something, it makes me want to be a part of it too. anytime you wanna dabble in this twilight world, just holler, i'll hook a bitch up. haha :)