Sunday, November 15, 2009

yoga ninja mama and VanityFair Rob makeout sesh!

sunday evening story time with yoga ninja mama: rob wants to touch me. i want to touch rob. kumabaya! hallelujah! life is awesome. the end.


::waves:: bye!


"Miss Shoe Box" said...

Get off mah man Hookah! Bahaha! I fuckin' love it! And yes, did make me laugh, hard! I love you so much! Yay for Premiere party this week! Have fun! Must send pics of final ensemble with the sassy purple pumps! Loves! Ash

Rob's Swiss Miss said...

You are adorable and hilarious. *muah*

carissajaded said...

hahaha Love it. So I guess I know what you'll be doing Friday night? (I just did the same thing with a john cusack poster)

Left of Lost said...

He's in your shirt!! :gasp: